About Jack


Hi my name is Jack, I’m 26 and a freelancer photographer based in London, United Kingdom. My love of photography started at the age of ten when my parents bought me my first camera. I was hooked straight away, and have been taking photographs ever since.

I studied photography in both film and digital forms at college, where I began to shape my personal artistry in my work, which focuses on portraiture, lifestyle, food & drink.

Alongside photography I was involved in various performing arts companies which led to me gaining a place at The London Contemporary Dance School in 2012. I gained a BA Honors Degree in Performing Arts, which has had a massive influence on my work in terms of my ability to direct and choreograph the subjects in my photographs.

I always focus on the aesthetics and mood in my images.  If something is not aesthetically pleasing to me, it will not make the final cut. I am a massive perfectionist, coming from my professional dance background, so I spend a lot of time planning, executing and editing my photographs until I am 100% happy to submit to the client.

I am currently working with various artists providing headshots and portraits and also high profile restaurants photographing food & drink.   If you would like to collaborate or work with me please get in touch, all details on my contact page.

Med Sailors - 17th - 24th August 2018.1

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